If I’m honest, chasing the hot new trend or technique doesn’t excite me.
I find the most joy in simply making people, places, and products look their best.
I’m drawn to making images of enriched realism. Just like real life, but better.

I love collaborating with directors to create these images.
I thrive when working with crews to solve filmmaking challenges.
And I excel at partnering with producers to maximize value.

Many cinematographers approach the job technically. Others work in loose creative terms.
I’m driven by a strong lighting background, and it’s at the heart of my approach.

On every job, you’ll get a high level of professionalism and craftsmanship,
with the good cheer and the calm confidence that only comes with experience.

Let’s capture your next story together.
Just like real life, but better.

A family riding together in a vehicle smile happily
A woman holding a coffee pot looks on
Two teens sit on the couch and are scolded by an adult behind them, a woman in the back is pouring a cup of coffee
A person wearing red and black gloves attempts to make a weld on a piece of metal
A Lincoln Electric LE31MP is in the foreground with a welder working in the background
A welder with his mask flipped up looks into the camera
A woman with pursed lips looks into the camera
A woman sitting in a church stares into the camera
A woman with black hair stares into the camera
A teacher sits with several students and assists them with crafts
A teacher holding a flash card educates several students seated around her
Two women sit at a table together with a drink and look through photos
A woman stands looking into the camera with her hands together as a football player dumps a container of water onto her head
A woman with a headband sits, looking down
A young girl in a ball cap stares into the camera with an intense gaze
Five young adults sit together on a couch with drinks and take a group photo
Several school lockers are visible with one in focus, a sign on it reads, "Back to School"
Sheriff Mike Jolley sits in his office and speaks to the camera
A man and woman laugh as they speak together at a table


Tyler Richter is a commercial, corporate, and documentary director of photography based in Minnesota and working across America for production companies, corporate marketers, and independent producers since 2009.
He is proficient with digital cinema camera systems from Arri, RED, Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, and Panasonic, and will work as an owner/operator or dry hire.
Tyler also owns and operates a well-stocked 2-ton lighting and grip truck, as well as a fleet of specialized grip, camera, and production support vehicles and equipment. Check out the gear at